Wolfville Acres Stables & Kennels
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Adopt one of the animals
Check out the For Adoption page to see if you can help by giving an animal a loving permanent home.  The animal will love you forever for your kindness.  Depending on the animal we usually ask for a certain amount for each animal to help with a portion of the animal bills.  Contact Wolfville Acres if interested.
Get Involved
Thinking about helping out rescued animals?  Here at Wolfville Acres we have rescued dogs and horses that need help.
We take donations to go towards vet bills, vaccinations, medications, food, grooming, toys, training and overall care and well-being of the animals.  Every gift counts and goes towards a good cause.  Contact Wolfville Acres if interested.
If you are not able to adopt or donate, we also accept support from volunteers to help at Wolfville Acres.  This includes working with dogs and horses, but also includes the not so glamorous jobs of cleaning up after the animals.  Contact Wolville Acres if interested.  
Here at Wolville Acres we accept funding from corporate sponsors.  If your company is interested in advertising here at Wolfville Acres or on our website, please contact us for more information.